At The Style Club we believe in being:

Authentic - Being yourself, no matter what anybody thinks. You are a rockstar.

Empowered - Expressing yourself and being comfortable in your own skin.

Transparent - What you see is what you get. We want to create the best possible experience for our customers to shop and get cute stuff.

And most importantly,

WOKE- We strive to empower women of all races by breaking fashion norms, and by being inclusive in our model selection and our content. You don't have to straighten your hair babe. Let those curls loose and celebrate who you are! Love the skin you are in.



The Style Club Brand was inspired by Hilary's love for vintage shopping and discovering underground artists. She loves finding hidden gems at the flea market that she can put her own twist on. She firmly stands by the saying “Friends don’t let friends shop in malls.” It’s no fun looking like everyone else. At The Style Club we put that love for vintage and art into each piece we design. Our mission is to create limited edition collections that say something and mean something just a little bit more than your average tee. 


The Style Club Experience is all about you! We want to keep it real by featuring you in our clothes and accessories! 


Create something really cool that inspires you to express yourself through our collections and our app!


The Style Club Team consists of a beautiful combination of creative folks who all love fashion & art. We aspire to provide you with most fun and social shopping experience possible. Our CEO, Hilary Hahn, started The Style Club back when she opened for Destiny's Child and Christina Aguilera, making her costumes before she went on stage. Levis was the tour sponsor which meant there was free Levis denim on tap, every girls dream! She was designing a new pair of jeans everyday! It quickly caught the eyes of the girls on tour and the head designers at Levis and she soon became the "Levis Girl"... little did she know that was when The Style Club was born...

We also have a pretty cool group of Boss Dudes too! Our Founder's Brother, Keith, an ex Wall Street guy, is our CFO. Keith's buddy, John-David, a wannabe cowboy who was in school a very long time, is our COO. And Martin, blue collared, a value driven technologist/architect, is our CTO.